Our consulting arm specializes in delivering bottom line benefits for our clients. We are specialists in the following areas:

  • Remote CFO provision
  • Advice and counselling to start ups
  • Operational management consulting

Remote CFO provision

Remote working is the new norm, whether full time or as a hybrid part WFH, part work in the office.  We can supply experienced CFO’s who can set up or manage a finance department, deliver bottom line benefits and enhance profitability, and take the decisions that come with the territory.  They can be fractional Finance Directors, full time, but always full on.  

Our team speaks English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and German.  They have lived in over 10 countries and have experience of UK GAAP, IFRS, Russian RAP, and US GAAP.

Advice and counselling to start ups

With our experience, both successfully and also importantly through start up failures, we can help other start ups avoid problems from the get go.  There are a number of stages that start ups go through, apart from going through Hell at some point, and there are things to do that will make things go smoother.  

We can help you with your POCD. Oh that? People, Opportunity, Context and Deal. You’ll need of those to succeed.

Whether you need a CFO’s help with the finances, business plan, modelling or counselling and coaching, we are here for you.

Operational management consulting

With worldwide consulting experience in industries from casinos to banks, mines and oil & gas, manufacturing plants, education and service companies we have the experience to help companies improve the efficiency of their operations and their results. 

Send us an initial enquiry to or call us on 07937 430 139