The origin of blue crocodile

Blue Crocodile

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Blue Crocodile Logo

The name Blue Crocodile comes from the children’s story about a naughty crocodile.

Once upon a time there was a naughty young crocodile.  He was always messing around in class at school, talking when he wasn’t supposed to, forgetting his homework, and the teacher used to get so cross with him.

One day the last lesson before going home was a painting class.  The naughty little crocodile had forgotten his apron and but instead of telling the teacher he just sat down and started painting.  One of the things the naughty crocodile wanted to paint was a blue sky.  He was messing around so much that he spilt blue paint all over himself.  The teacher came up and said, “What have you done?  And where is your apron?”  The crocodile answered “I’ve left it at home.”

Just then the bell for the end of school went.  The teacher said, “Oh well, there’s no time to get clean now, you’ll just have to go home like that and get cleaned up at home.”

So the crocodile walked out of school covered in blue paint.

His mother was waiting for him but she didn’t recognize him. In fact she walked right past him and he grabbed her and said, “Mum!”

“I am not your mother.” she said.  “My little crocodile is green, not blue.”

Just then the teacher arrived and explained everything.  Mummy crocodile was very cross and she took the naughty blue crocodile down to the lake and washed off all the blue paint until he was a little green crocodile again.

And that is why the lake is blue!